Welcome to Fuelz, your new favourite independent heating oil website!

Fuelz.co.uk is the UK’s only truly independent, commission free, heating oil / kerosene price comparison website. When you receive a quote from Fuelz, our robots automatically check the local suppliers in your area to provide you with the cheapest price for your chosen delivery option. The price you see is the price you would pay if you went direct to the supplier. That is because you are going direct to the supplier. Fuelz does not add any fees or take a commission, ensuring you get the best price every time! If you see a price you like, simply click on the supplier logo and place your order directly with them online or over the phone.

Like Boilerjuice - only better!

You may be familiar with other fuel price comparison sites such as Boilerjuice and Tank Topper. Unlike these sites we charge no commission of Suppliers and do not ask for a service charge from you, the Customer. You simply get the best price as published on Supplier websites when you search. We search the sites of all major Suppliers but if you know of any cheaper suppliers in your area please get in touch and we’ll look at adding them into the search. Our aim is the best price for heating oil - every time. Unlike Boilerjuice, you know who you are ordering from. The decision is yours!